Success for Healers Mastermind

Learn the exact steps I followed to go from building my Healing business from scratch to cross the 6 figure barrier helping others live their best lives.

The Earth Angel Collective

Heal your life, the world, over the next 12 months inside of the Earth Angel Collective. Establish Your Path As A Healer. Join Our Healing Family For A LIFETIME Of Healing!

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Plant Medicine and Wildcrafting Herbs Introduction

Explore the relationships that ancient, indigenous people cultivated with plants and herbal medicines, through the physical senses, generational wisdom, experimentation, and shamanic practices.

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EFT Level I Certification

Commonly known as "tapping", EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) stimulates acupuncture or acupressure points while focusing on a traumatic event, negative belief, or fear, to help release their negative energy from your body.

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The Divine Sexuality Sisterhood

The Divine Sexuality Sisterhood is the pathway for women to achieve this balance. It allows you to experience a wholesome romantic relationship, a thriving fulfilling business, longevity, vitality, youthfulness, and out of this world passion by starting with profound healing of the self and embodiment of the feminine!

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REIKI Level I Certification

REIKI is an incredible discipline that brings a renewed flow of life force energy into your body and your life, allowing you to experience profound new levels of healing in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life.

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Crystal Healer Certification

This course will prepare you for your professional Crystal Healing practice and help you feel confident with modality of this Healing Therapy.  

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Chakras & Crystals

A comprehensive Slef Healing program tapping into the power of Chakras and Healing Crystals.

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Sound Healing Level I Certification

In this course, you will learn how to practice sound healing for yourself, friends and family and you will learn the foundation of Sound as a healing modality. 

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Shamanic Journeying Fundamentals

This two part workshop is both, for Healers and for people wanting to advance in their spiritual path in a powerful and transformational way.

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